911 jumpers

September 11, 2012 § Leave a comment


These’s selection of images are from a project that i did last yeah, being asked to choose a topic that had created a impact to the news. Choosing the 911 jumpers was something that i hadn’t thought had been bought to attention as much as the people that died from the building collusion or the people from the plane, everything about that day being tragic,  i found that researching into this pacific part of the event was hidden in some ways, due to peoples views about suicide, which was the case for some of the people out of the 200 that are noted to have fallen from the building.

I wanted to create something that cause a reaction at a first glance which is something i necessarily hadn’t done before, i certainly hadn’t had to create something that represented itself fully with just an image, and it was hard, as I normally reinforce with type/information.

Focusing on the 4th image ( hard to see) this image here was blown up to be huge for the crit i had, each placing our posters on the wall, it was hard to notice, when coming to my poster, i was happy the reaction it received as i didn’t have to describe it any way but to say that they were the real silhouettes from the jumpers.

Looking back on these i know the images are not the best in anyway, but i enjoyed the process of choosing a topic that had to be reflected as powerful as it was on to paper.


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